The Adventures of KAMEHAMEHA

$400.00 USD

Cultural Exchange and Fusion: This mashup reflects the global nature of contemporary culture, where ideas and influences from different parts of the world merge and blend together. It celebrates the cross-pollination of ideas and the creative possibilities that arise from cultural exchange.

HEARTLAB Bali x Hanh

Limited edition handmade art toys of 200 pcs

Size h 53 cm x w 42 cm x d 29 cm (including base)
made of resin with teakwood base.
All with Certificate of Authenticity signed and numbered.

All artworks are handmade by local artisans in Tembi, Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Every purchase supports their livelihoods, empowers women, and boosts the local economy.


Depth x Width x Height: 29 cm x 42 cm x 53 cm

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